Corporate Foreign Exchange

At Pugnax FX Capital our team is on hand to guide you through the process of purchasing and transferring currencies across the world ensuring that you get the best currency exchange rates in the market.

If you are a business involved in International Trade, the cost of buying and selling Foreign Currency can have a great impact on profit margins. Your Foreign Currency Account Manager will provide guidance on tools to suit your transfer requirements, such as: Spot FX, Forward Contract, Stop Loss Order and Limit Order Deals, which will help you to optimise your transfer, and minimize the risk inherent in Foreign Exchange rates (See Currency Product & Solutions).

Choosing Pugnax FX Capital as your partner in Foreign Exchange would play a key role in increasing your profits and minimizing your losses. The main objective of any business is to increase profit and to stay competitive within its market sector.

Why Pugnax FX?

  • Opening an account with us is free, quick and easy and does not obligate you in any way to trade.
  • Bank-Beating Exchange Rates.
  • No Commission or Fees.
  • Private Bank Level of Service.
  • Minimise Currency Risk.
  • Same Day International Transfers.
  • Personalised Currency Account Manager available 24/7.
  • We offer Spot and Forward Contracts.
  • Fixed Exchange Rate for up to two years in advance, protecting your funds against adverse market movements.
  • Total Security of Funds. All client funds are held in a segregated client account offering additional security.
  • Quick and easy online registration, Click here….
Company engaged in International Trade? Whether you are in the Import/Export business, or simply making/receiving payments, we can find the best Currency Solution for your specific business needs.



Making regular payments? We can arrange a monthly facility, why not let us worry about getting you the best Exchange Rate each month.

Athletes & Artists

From high-profile league and international competitions, or concerts, to local professional and amateur events – we provide an efficient and cost effective global service, to ensure you get the most out of your currency transfers.
Importer/Exporter? If you are paying for foreign goods, or moving goods around the globe, we can help you achieve the best rates in the market.



Importing live animals, feed, or bloodstock? We work with a number of farmers, breeders, and livestock producers, and manage their Foreign Exchange requirements. Allow us to show you how we can save you money.



Buying or selling foreign currency? Find out how Pugnax FX Capital Products & Solution can help you save money on your transactions.



Pugnax FX Capital is proud of the fact that the majority of our business comes from personal referrals.



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