At Pugnax FX Capital Ltd we believe that by working as a team we are stronger, which is why we have become involved in Charities to help them raise funds and global awareness.

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The objective of the Serge Betsen Academy is to enable the Children of Cameroon to discover the passion and the values of rugby while bringing them school support, medical monitoring and training for their future. Serge Betsen Academy manages already 3 training centres, supports an orphanage, regularly finances the installation of wells for drinking water and the development of agricultural cooperatives as well as numerous local projects.For more information please visit the website

Lawrence continues to feel passionately about rugby, but more importantly, about giving young people a chance in life; the chance his family gave him to succeed. He believes with success comes responsibility and founded The Dallaglio Foundation Rugby Programme to become his legacy to the game of rugby and the young people who are involved in it.

The Dallaglio Foundation provides youth development opportunities in three very different areas, with the aims being to:

– Reach and engage young people through the power of rugby and sport

– Empower and equip young people, giving them the means and inspiration to change their lives for the better

– Provide young people with skills and experience of the workplace, through internships, which will help them gain employability

– Enhance and complement established rugby in the community initiatives and the RFU’s goals for community rugby

– Generate excitement and opportunity with everyone involved, creating a true partnership

For more information please visit the website