Become an Affiliate or Business Partner

Pugnax FX Capital is a dynamic business with a global reach, serving Large and Small Businesses as well as Private Individuals. We are actively partnered with a number of companies organisations and individuals in a wide range of sectors across the globe to minimize their Foreign Exchange market risk. Our global expanding network helps to provide a seamless and valued service to clients.

As a professional with deep expertise in your market sector, you might be interested in working with us to provide Forex services across your network. In this way, we extend our relationships globally, allowing Partners and Affiliates to share in our growth, whilst providing valued advisory services and synergies to your clients, friends and family.

Our global network of Partners relies on having the knowledge and support of Pugnax FX Capital. We help to offer your clients the best service and best rates available in the currency market.

Companies organisations and individuals regularly recommend Pugnax FX Capital to their clients, not only because of the clear financial benefits of our Foreign Exchange service, but because of our efficient, professional and friendly approach. We work hard to make sure clients needs are met at all times. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our business comes from personal referrals.

Pugnax FX Capital has standardised and compliant processes and documentation for all Affiliate and Partnership programs.

Benefits of becoming an Affiliate or Business Partner:

  • Opening an account with us is free, quick and easy and does not obligate you in any way to work with us.
  • Highly competitive rates saving up to 4% when compared with high street banks, making a financial saving for your clients, making your products and services more attractive and differentiating your business from competitors.
  • Generous commission structure for all clients referred.
  • A tracking service for all businesses introduced.
  • Update and support service for you and your staff.
  • Experienced staff that will provide you and your customers with the highest levels of customer service 24/7.
  • Marketing support materials.
  • Official Pugnax FX Capital logo and website banner for your own website.
  • Useful library of Case Studies and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Access to qualified Currency Account Manager to advise you or your clients on their currency transactions.

Benefits to your Client:

  • Opening an account with us is free, quick and easy and does not obligate them in any way to trade with us.
  • Highly competitive rates saving up to 4% when compared with high street banks thus reducing the purchase price.
  • Fixed exchange rate for up to two years in advance, protecting funds against adverse market movements.
  • No Commission or Fees.
  • Same day International Transfers.
  • Personalised Currency Account Manager delivering a first class service 24/7.
  • Clients are able to meet the Pugnax FX Capital staff when requested.
  • Total Security of funds. All client funds are held in a segregated client account offering additional security on your currency transfers.
  • We improve your client relationship, adding seamlessly to your product offering.
We help our Affiliates in Real Estate and Development by reducing the transaction cost and providing effective Forex advice. Efficient timing can make a significant impact on the overall cost of a purchase.



Our networks of Affiliate Notaries, Solicitors and Lawyers add value to their business by offering cost-effective Foreign Exchange services to their clients.
Financial Advisers recommend us to their clients as the best way to beat negative exposure to the foreign currency market.
Pugnax FX Capital works with a wide network of Accountants, and Accountancy Firms. We help their clients save money when dealing with foreign transactions.



We work with Arts & Antiques Dealers who recommend their clients to us. We give them the best exchange rates reducing item costs, and taking away the stress of dealing with high street or foreign banks.



Becoming a Private Partner is a small step which will allow you to continue to focus on your core business while generating an extra income.



Global Fashion is a fast moving dynamic industry. We work with clients around the world, who need fast, effective foreign currency advice, and speedy transactions.



Film/Theatre Production Companies & Agents recommend us to their clients as a cost effective alternative to their high street bank when it comes to Foreign Exchange.



Athletes Agents


Our Athletes Agents deal with all aspects of their client’s finances, from the sourcing of new deals, to investment opportunities. An Agent’s ability to reduce currency risk exposure is becoming a key element in this global market.



Architects and Interior Designer recommend Pugnax FX Capital services to their clients as a free, quick and easy method of making payments around the world with high potential saving compared to high street banks.



Global Mortgages Companies


Global Mortgage Companies offer specialised products. Recommending Pugnax FX Capital as your client’s Foreign Exchange provider, you are offering your clients access to significant savings compared to the high street banks.



At Pugnax FX Capital we augment PR, Music Agent’s & Event Organiser’s product offering, and enhance their client relationships by taking care of the Foreign Exchange exposure. We take the stress of international payments off their hand.