Currency Products & Solutions

Pugnax FX Capital offers you a comprehensive range of products when purchasing or selling Foreign Exchange Currency, Our Brokers offer the most competitive live rates, with no extra fees, no commission and with total peace of mind.

Not sure what type of contract you need?

Why not call us and speak to one of our Foreign Currency Account Managers, they will guide you through our different options to find the best solution for your currency requirements.

Spot FX

The Spot Contract is the most common and regularly used Foreign Exchange product. Spot Contracts are used when currency is required immediately or within three days. You will be able to purchase a live exchange rate on the day (See Case Study).

Forward Contract

A Forward Contract means that you buy the currency now and pay for it at a later date to minimise the exposure of market volatility. A Forward Contract has a time life of up to 2 years giving you the options of locking an exchange rate today with a fixed maturity date of delivery in the future. This leaves the balance in your bank account earning interest until it is required (See Case Study ).

Time Option

This is the same as a Forward Contract but with the option to access your funds within a limit of two pre-agreed dates (See Case Study).

Stop Loss Order

The Stop Loss Order is used to protect your money against an unexpected adverse movement in the exchange rate. This popular mechanism allows you to specify the bottom line rate you want to achieve. When the market hits this figure, the Stop Loss will automatically lock-in to your agreed price. Should the exchange rate fall unexpectedly you will have the protection of a fixed rate, automatically guarding against future losses (See Case Study).

Limit Order

The Limit Order will let you take advantage of a sudden favourable spike in the FX market by automatically locking your desired level at a previously agreed price (See Case Study).

One Cancels Other (OCO)

This is a combination of a Limit Order and a Stop Loss Order. Depending on which is achieved first; one will cancel the other giving you upside combined with downside protection (See Case Study).