Case Studies

Spot Contract

Mr Harpley recently purchased a House in the Pays Basque region in France. The property cost € 180,000 Euros. Mr Harpley was offered an exchange rate of 1.2004 selling GBP and buying EUR from his high street bank.

Using Pugnax FX Capital, Mr Harpley was able to secure an exchange rate of 1.2220 selling GBP and buying EUR, saving £ 2,650 Pounds.

Forward Contract

Mrs Lewis purchased a new build property in Spain for € 210,000 Euros. The completion of the property was delayed for 3 months. Mrs Lewis, realising that the Euro exchange rate was at its best level for several months, entered into a Forward Contract to buy € 210,000 Euros at an exchange rate of 1.2310.

Two months later, the Euro exchange rate had fallen to 1.1890 but Mrs Lewis had secured her Euros at 1.2310, and fixed the cost of her new property so she did not pay a penny more than when the exchange rate was in her favour, saving her £ 6,025 Pounds.

Regular Payments

Mr Johns recently accepted a job in Dubai. However, he still needs to pay the mortgage on his home in London. Mr Johns found it very difficult to make continuous and timely transfers at a good exchange rate via his high street bank. Since Mr Johns entrusted Pugnax FX Capital with his continuous transaction he is now free from the inconvenience of delays, and more importantly sure to get the best exchange rate. Pugnax FX Capital will provide you with a standing order to our account which makes the repayments fast and hassle free with a saving of approximately £ 900 Pounds a year.